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Who we are. Roots in Science.

We are a group of molecular biologists and bioinformaticians who have come together to address the challenges of data-driven life science research. We provide bioinformatics training and data analysis services.

We are one of the driving forces behind the Poznan Summer School of Bioinformatics. Our role is to create a platform where complete analytical strategies and pipelines are explored by organising a mix of workshops and interesting guest lectures. At data2biology we are committed to promoting computational biology and fostering knowledge exchange! Meet our team!

What we do. Our offer.

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Data analysis

We offer a wide array of bioinformatic services, including analysis of next-generation sequencing data (RNA-seq, small RNA, ChIP-seq, genome variants calling, de novo genome assembly and annotation) and many more.

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Courses and workshops

We organize regular courses focused on next-generation sequencing technologies, microRNA analysis, programming in Python, machine learning and much more. We also organize customized workshops upon request.

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Software and servers

We build analitical pipelines for customized data analysis, design webpages and biological databases. If you want to conduct data analysis on your own, we can prepare a customized Linux account for you on one of our servers, with pre-installed software.

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